Intercultural Trainings in Germany

Intercultural Trainings in Germany

Intercultural Trainings have been regarded as an integral and effective preparation for international assignments. This book takes into account the current situation in Germany and highlights the missing theoretical basis and evaluates future perspectives of these specific preparation programmes. Beside this also an annotated bibliography is included.
Publications: O’Reilly, C./ Arnold, M. (2005): Interkulturelle Trainings in Deutschland. Theoretische Grundlagen, Zukunftsperspektiven und eine annotierte Literaturauswahl. [Intercultural Training in Germany. Theoretical Fundamentals, Future Perspectives, and an annotated Bibliography.] Frankfurt a.M., London: IKO-Verlag (274 S.). (ISBN: 3-88939-772)

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Dr. Maik Arnold is Professor for Non-Profit-Management and Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Transfer at University of Applied Science Dresden.