Development of a Subject-Specific Higher Education Didactics for Social Work Management (Poster)

Development of a Subject-Specific Higher Education Didactics for Social Work Management (Poster)

This study aims at the development of a subject-specific higher education didactics for ‘Social Work Management Education’ based on an integrative theory-practice transfer model.

A Subject-Specific Didactics of Social work Management consists of three levels:

  • Theoretical-conceptual level: Social Work Management as an object of management and social research
  • Practical transfer level: Management and social research as a resource for development of professional practice
  • Communication and discourse-level: Translational competence as a component for professional Practice-Theory-Transfer


  • Professional competence is a core objective of social work management education.
  • In higher education, experiential learning can be triggered by discussing case studies, reflecting on group work in the course, or by reflecting on professional experiences.
  • Fostering collaboration of higher education institutions, employers, and other stakeholders from different societal sectors.
  • Practitioner research as part of social management education, such as teaching research projects, service learning, and third-party funding.
  • Theoretical advances or empirical evidence about effective and innovative instructional methods, technology, institutional structures, and education policies.

This poster was presented at the 49th Annual Conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hochschuldidaktik 2020 [German Association for educational and academic staff development in Higher Education]. The main topic of the conference was ‘Envisioning Teaching and Learning as a Common Task: Together – Cooperative – Integrative’

A short presentation of this poster can be found on my Youtube Channel @ProfManagement:

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Dr. Maik Arnold is Professor for Non-Profit-Management and Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Transfer at University of Applied Science Dresden.